About Us

Tethr is a platform of growth. We adopt new tools and adapt to our demography to expand our vision .Businesses today run on an ever-evolving chain of new platforms and technologies. Tethr harnesses our culture of innovation, digital expertise, and industry leading talent to help your enterprise stay relevant and realize its true value.

Make your products smarter, customer experience exceptional, people more productive , processes more profitable and systems more powerful with us

Our Logo

The Tethr logo is a combination of the letter 'T' and a maze. The maze represent the cluttered and chaotic world around us. The letter 'T' stands for Tethr, our team. In today’s world, we believe in decluttering the chaos and connecting the necessary, be it people, objects or both through our innovations.

Our Values

We are Innovative

Innovation is the fuel for us at Tethr. It has nurtured growth from an idea to the line of products which we have in our portfolio today. Innovation was, is and will be the driving force that bind us in the years to come. We indeed adopt new tools and adapt to our demography to expand our vision.

We are Evolutive

We believe in change. We believe in listening to our customers and we adapt to answers. As humanity seeks to innovate and forge stronger connections between us all, we will be at the core of that innovation. We're always looking into our team of innovative thinkers to come up with new products and serve our customers with the most modern outlook.

We are Connected

We strive to stay connected to our foundations, the technology we use and the people whose lives we touch. From advanced datacenters to mobile devices, artificial intelligence to IoT, revolutionary data analysis to tomorrow’s brightest technology, data is transforming our lives and helping us to thrive.